Maintenance of the asphalt parking lot or driveway is better when the condition of the surface is in good to fair. Care of your asphalt pavement on a regular basis will provide you with several good years of solid and good use compared to just waiting for the huge cracks to show. As a matter of fact, far more damage can happen under your asphalt paving when small cracks aren’t immediately taken into action.

The biggest culprit is actually the water penetrating down into the cracks as well as sitting under the asphalt that eventually damages the underlying asphalt base. This is very important in places of the country, especially, where the temperatures drop significantly during the winter season which causes the cracks to develop bigger and allows more water to sip into the subgrade. Once the damage has grown, it is far more expensive to address these issues than taking care of just the smaller ones as they show. Resurfacing and patching are much easier when your asphalt is in very good condition that when it is compromised.

A professional and highly reputable asphalt company will often repair small cracks with the use of liquid asphalt, asphalt emulsion and cutbacks. In addition to that, the little cracks will be carefully cleaned, air blasted and sometimes cut out in order to prepare the cracks for the sealant procedure. Hot-poured sealant is basically the preferred repair and must provide you with a long 3 to 8 years of lifespan if done professionally and properly.

Cracks that are Moderate to Severely Bigger

Cracks that have sizes of 1/8 inches or slightly bigger will be cutout to a slightly bigger clean cut in order to achieve a smooth edge without loose stones for the liquid sealant to stick onto. On the other hand, cracks that sized 3/4 inches wide must be filled with a hot mix of asphalt sand, hot-poured sealant or asphalt emulsion slurry seal.

Hairline Cracks

Cracks which are 1/8 inches or smaller in width are too little to be sealed effectively. If the hairline cracks already become a crocodile skin-like effect over a bigger area, then the sand seal or surface slurry seal should be used by the professionals. A certain surface seal should be fluid enough in order to flow into every hairline crack.

Professional Procedures

There are so many procedures which good asphalt companies will utilize such as sawing or routing, high-pressure water, hot air blasting, wire brushing, wire brushing, sandblasting, and high-pressure air blasting. If the cracks are that deep, a specialized backer rod which is a non-melting, non-absorbent and shrinks resistant will be put inside the clean and a large crack. The backer rod size will be slightly bigger compared to the crack to prevent floating and movement. Furthermore, another very essential point which an exceptional asphalt company will look out for is the air bubbles in your sealant that will eventually weaken asphalt pavement repair over time. These are just some of the examples of the methods used by a professional asphalt driveway service provider.