Yoga is one of the most common and popular workout regimes recently. It is known to help a person lose weight, improve their flexibility, and gain strength. It has a lot of benefits to offer. Yoga originated in India nearly 26,000 years ago. The word “yoga” is a Sanskrit word which means “to control” or “to unite”. But yoga is more than just workout regime. It is a passion for most people and philosophy for some. Yoga has been very popular because of the proven benefits it offers. Some of these benefits are backed up by researchers. If you are interested in yoga, North Kansas City gym offers yoga classes. Here are some of the benefits you can gain from yoga:


Cures Insomnia 

Insomnia is somehow difficult to cure. Difficulty in sleeping is mostly due to mental stress from different factors of your environment. But the good thing about this is that doing yoga can help you cure insomnia. According to an article, yoga is one of the several complementary and alternative medicine strategy for treating insomnia. It is because Yoga is not only good in distressing your physical body but it also helps you distress your mind. It particularly helps you focus. It is also known to help you in relaxation.  

Ease Asthma 

Yoga is not only good for your mind and body but it is also good for an asthmatic person. According to a study where 57 adults with mild to moderate asthma, adding yoga to their daily routine eased their asthma. Another study also about the clinical effects of yoga on Asmathic patients concluded that Yoga exercise among asthmatic patients resulted in a decreased number of day and night attacks and use of drugs. 

Fight arthritis 

Yoga is proven to help in fighting arthritis in people suffering it. In fact, according to recent researches, a regular yoga routine can help reduce joint pain and improve joint flexibility. According to Dr. Kolasinksi Yoga is definitely one option for people with arthritis. Not only for the exercise benefits, but it’s also beneficial in the mind/body area, promoting relaxation and stress reduction. 

Helpful with multiple sclerosis 

Yoga is also known in helping improve and strengthen your posture. It involves different movements and positions which improves your posture. In fact, yoga is recommended to most patients with multiple sclerosis.  According to the medical society, yoga is the most inexpensive, safe, and potentially improves the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. The findings in many types of research show that through the postures and breathing techniques, it helps in focusing the mind and creating body awareness which prevents symptoms of multiple sclerosis. 

Memory Boost 

One of the great benefits of yoga is it helps boost your memory. According to experts, yoga reduces mental stress and physical tension which helps human to recall easier and have more organized thoughts. Research shows that yoga increases gray matter and the size of the memory centers of the brain. It also helps in improving your mode, relieves anxiety and depression. 

PTSD Benefit 

Studies show that people who are suffering from PTSD can find relief with yoga. In fact according to an article from Washington post, war veteran handle their PTSD through yoga.  

Yoga comes in different forms but we can’t deny that it has many benefits. These benefits were probably the main reason why yoga remained popular.